List of Inventions & Patents / Patent Applications of Mr. Thanga Thirupathy

The  various   inventions & Patents & Patent Applications of  Shri.V.V.Thanga Thirupathy  is  listed  below   and  in  some  cases,  the  Links,  to concerned Authenticated Patent DATA Centres / Patenting Authorities,  are  also shown (in RED Color Font)  : 

Ø  Vertical Take-off & landing Super Jet Aero  plane, (Patent application registered in 2000)
Ø  Improved Burner for Kerosene Stove (Patent application registered in 2002)

Ø  Steel re-enforced New design automotive tyre
Ø  Improved Pressure Cooker (Patent application registered in 2005)

Ø  An improved Device to Harness Wind Energy

Ø  Spring heeled footwear
Ø  Falling Water-Aided Lifting Device (For Power Generation) [ Patent Applied in 1992]
Ø  System for Generation of Electrical Power from the Drag Force of Canal Water

Ø  Deep Sea  Bed Mining Machine
New unmanned mining tower machine to remain inside deep mine-pit mobile in all the directions there remotely operated from outside the mine pit

Ø  A link  about New Agricultural Ploughing Device
Ø  Foldable Top Post for T.V Tower

Ø  Pulling Circularly & Tilting Washing Machine

Ø  Bumped Swinger Driving Automotive Device for Bicycles and other Vehicles

Ø  Cushioned landing facility for the Aircrafts on a Ship

Ø  Wave powered Automotive Drive Device for sailing vessels without using, any fuel like Petrol, diesel or Electricity

Ø  Device for Automatic Bicycle riding without pedaling or Oil or Electricity power

Ø  Eradicating the flood water damage and creating a new dam cheaply

Ø  Pamban railway Bridge strengthening Device

Ø  Night Driving  Safety device

Ø  Safe water skating device (Patent Applied)
Ø  A Device for preventing Railway Derailment (Patent Applied)
Ø Fingered Tooth Brush  with Vertically  and  independently Swinging Bristle lines

Ø  A Floating Bed without risk of Rollever

             Ø    Wet & Dry Grinder (1981)
 Ø   Air safety and fuel Saving   Device
      For the  Air safety and fuel Saving   Device  he  could be the first Indian  to have obtained patent  from  USA (Patented in 1983),  and  He also had  Indian Patent right (Indian Patent registered in 1993, and got Indian Patent in 1998)  for the same  device.  
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( The Author of this BLOG could not trace  many other patent  documents of Shri. V.V.Thanga Thirupathy, since many of the documents, were destroyed by Whiteants )